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We offer our students the educational advantages needed to ensure mutual success. We also, seek to provide the cosmetology & Beauty therapy industry with graduates who are a credit to our college, their employer and the industry. Apply Now!

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We are approved by Federal Ministry of Education and Our curriculum is designed not only to achieve the technical skills necessary in cosmetology & beauty therapy but to make our students aware of the part they play in the service to others and to be sensitive and professional to their clients. Our entire programme is accredited and licensed by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), Plot ‘B’, Bida Road, Kaduna

Dove International Cosmetology Academy is dedicated to educating quality students with the fundamental knowledge to meet the present and future demands of the cosmetology & Beauty therapy.
The vision of Dove International Cosmetology Academy is to foster the development of competent, responsible, motivated individuals in cosmetology & beauty therapy related programs.
Our objective is for each student admitted to the college receives individual instruction in technical skills, professional services, business and job-related information.

In this industry, we know quality educators make the difference! To go along with our proposed state-of-the-art facilities, our college will provide seasoned, experienced and professional educators to ensure our students succeed.

Dove International Cosmetology Academy is affiliated with Pivot Point Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A which has been in operation since 1962. Pivot Point International Inc. is the global leader in cosmetology education as they instil a work ethic and provide the tools required to achieve success in the salon, as an educator or whatever path an individual artist or designer chooses to take.


Our academy is setting new standards in beauty and wellness education. Our courses go beyond basic state board training - traditionally the focus of beauty schools

1200 Clock Hours – 12months – Certificate Diploma

Hair will become your canvas as you learn all aspects of your craft, which includes Ladies’ and Men’s Sculpture, Design, Long Hair Design and more. You will also learn about Colour, its theory and application – from overall colour to advanced highlighting techniques. You will also learn how to control hair and its very structure when studying Texture, which includes perms, relaxing and more

Design your own reality
The salon industry grosses about $56 billion per year on the average, salon owners report around 155 clients per week. With all this demand for services, a staggering 76% of salon owners survey says they are searching for qualified applicants. read more  

450 Clock Hours – 4 months

The study of aesthetics encompasses the science of skin care, body care, hair removal and makeup to enhance the skin. The properties and scientific aspects of skin care and its study will all come together in this comprehensive programme The world of aesthetics is huge. It’s transformation through the science of skin care, rejuvenation and tranquility. A Dove International Academy Education gives you the skills, knowledge and power to pursue whatever aesthetics career you desire.

Brilliant beauty
It’s one part instinct, one part skill. Dove International Academy emphasizes hands-on experience, so you can accomplish what your instincts see and confidence inspires. You graduate with a remarkable portfolio of accomplishments. read more

350 Clock Hours – 2 months

Nail technology is a full programme of nail beautification and artistry preparing students in the nail art, artificial nails (nail tips, sculptured nails and nail wrapping), sanitation, manicuring, Pedi curing; plus, personal ethics, salon management and employer/employee/client relations Dove International Cosmetology Academy graduates would have mastered different types of spa pedicures which include soothing mud masks, rejuvenating scrubs and relaxing massage techniques

Clients are loyal to their nail techs.
Most clients that have artificial nail enhancements would rather find a new doctor than a new nail technician.
Artificial nail clients return to the salon on the average once every two weeks. read more

665 Clock Hours – 4 months

Our educational staff is the key to our success and the future success of our students. Although our campus system provides our educators with some of the best equipment on the market, it is their dedication and passion for teaching that gives our students the edge they need in the massage therapy industry.

Professional career training
Each student accepted to the college receives instruction in technical massage skills including: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Heated Stone, Pre-Natal, Infant and Sports Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy. Students also receive in-depth training in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, pathology, self-care and wellness and business and ethics. Each student gains additional hands-on experience while apprenticing in our supervised, state-ofthe- art student massage clinic. read more


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Our curriculum is designed to make our students
aware of the part they play in the service to
others and to be sensitive and professional
to their clients.


Our academy is setting new standards in beauty and wellness education. Our courses go beyond basic state board training - traditionally the focus of beauty schools.

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