450 Clock Hours a€“ 4 months

The study of aesthetics encompasses the science of skin care, body care, hair removal and makeup to enhance the skin. The properties and scientific aspects of skin care and its study will all come together in this comprehensive programme

The world of aesthetics is huge

The world of aesthetics is huge. Ita€?s transformation through the science of skin care, rejuvenation and tranquility. A Dove International Academy Education gives you the skills, knowledge and power to pursue whatever aesthetics career you desire.

Brilliant beauty
Ita€?s one part instinct, one part skill. Dove
International Academy emphasizes hands-on
experience, so you can accomplish what
your instincts see and confidence inspires.
You graduate with a remarkable portfolio
of accomplishments

Beauty begins within. That includes knowledge. Dove International Cosmetology Academy helps you access the facts. See how universal techniques translate into individual expression. Thata€?s the beauty of beauty.

Qualified, licenced estheticians are currently on everyonea€?s to-do-list. Need proof? According to recent estimates skin care represents an annual revenue of $24 billion, and make-up is at $18 billion. Ita€?s all about knowing what you want and then achieving them.

Aesthetics curriculum
The following units of study are established in our aesthetics program. Listed below are
the topics and the subjectsa€? descriptions that incorporate all areas required by the
National Board for Technical Education for licensure.

Topics/subjects Hours
Infection control
a. Public health (Sanitation, Disinfection, Sterilisation).
b. Universal precautions.
Skin anatomy and physiology
a. Structure and functions of the body system & nerves.
b. Dermatology
c. Cosmetic chemistry
d. Pharmacology
e. Nutrition
Skin analysis and consultation
a. Skin types and conditions
b. Contraindications and safety measures
c. Health screening
d. Consultation, post consultation and home care
e. Skin analysis equipment
Skin treatments
a. Cleansing techniques
b. Exfoliation a€“ mechanical & chemical (enzymes, hydro-aphroxy)
c. Extraction without lancet
d. Conditioning
e. Masque therapy
f. Protection
g. Massage
h. Basic facial equipment and safety a€“ steamer and brush machine
Body treatments
a. Back and chest
b. Body wrap
c. Body exfoliation
d. hydrotherapy
Advanced skin treatments 40
Temporary hair removal
a. Tweezing
b. Waxing
c. Depilatories
d. Sugaring
e. Treading
f. Contraindications and safety
a. Purpose and effects
b. Eyebrow and eyelash services
c. Corrective
d. Camouflage
Business practices
a. Management practices
b. Salon development
c. Insurance
d. Client records
e. Salesmanship
General courses
a. Mathematics
b. Communication in English
c. Physics
d. Introduction to computer studies
e. Entrepreneurship
Total Hours 450

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