1200 Clock Hours – 12months – Certificate Diploma

Hair will become your canvas as you learn all aspects of your craft, which includes Ladies’ and Men’s Sculpture, Design, Long Hair Design and more. You will also learn about Colour, its theory and application – from overall colour to advanced highlighting techniques. You will also learn how to control hair and its very structure when studying Texture, which includes perms, relaxing and more


Design your own reality
The salon industry grosses about $56 billion per year on the average, salon owners report around 155 clients per week. With all this demand for services, a staggering 76% of salon owners survey says they are searching for qualified applicants.

Dove International Cosmetology Academy is committed to every student’s success. Our graduates will learn what it takes to be successful in today’s professional salons & spas. They learn how to build clientele, how to track their success, and how to consult professionally with real clients.

You are an Artist. Your idea of design radiates with dimension. And every artist need the right tools- starting with knowledge. At Dove International Cosmetology Academy you learn how every trend is based on proven theory from polished design to red-alert style.

Cosmetology curriculum

The following units of study are established in our cosmetology program. Listed below are the topics and the subjects’ descriptions that incorporate all areas required by the National Board for Technical Education for licensure.

Topics/subjects Hours
Scientific concepts
a. Sanitation: (Personal, public, safety precaution & first aid).
b. Hair & scalp: (Structure, composition, conditions and disorders).
c. Skin: (Structure, composition, conditions and disorders).
d. Nails: (Structure, composition, conditions and disorders).
Physical services
a. Shampoo and rinses
b. Scalp and hair care
c. Facials and make-up
d. Manicuring and pedicuring
Chemical services
a. Hair colouring
b. Hair lightening
c. Chemical waving
d. Chemical hair relaxing
Hair designing
a. Hair shaping and cutting
b. Hair styling
c. Thermal techniques
d. Care and styling of hair pieces
e. Braiding, fixing and weaving
f. Tying of head tie (gele)
Business practices
a. Management practices
b. Salon development
c. Insurance
d. Client records
e. Salesmanship
General courses
a. Mathematics
b. Communication in English
c. Physics
d. Introduction to computer studies
e. Entrepreneurship
Total Hours 1200

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the 1200 hour course, the student shall have acquired the technical abilities and the academic theories in compliance with the requirements of the Nigerian Board for Technical Education. The skills and theories of each service shall be presented in a progressive manner permitting each student to acquire the maximum degree of technical ability and knowledge in a minimal length of time.

Entry Qualification

The general entry requirements into the National Vocational Certificate in cosmetology and beauty therapy programme Post basic Education Certificate (Post JSS). ·

Unemployed or under-employed graduates looking for requisite employable skills. · Employed graduates who desire relevant or additional skills. ·

Those out of school for a long time, in line with Government desire for open access to re-skilling and up-skilling of the nation’s work- force as part of lifelong learning (LLL). ·

Matured Practitioners who are already in Beauty Industry.

Accreditation: The programme shall be accredited by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) before trainees can be awarded the National Vocational Certificate.