Instructorsa€? Training

300 - 450 Clock Hours a€“ 4 months

Our educators have true passion for their industry and inspire creativity in their students. They work together with one major vision..........raise the level of professionalism in the industry. The educators of Dove International Cosmetology Academy are a true credit to their chosen career. They are dedicated to the success of the student they teach.

Instructors will benefit from our vast array of Teachera€?s Support Materials, which include program previews, lesson plan delivery and full curriculum support. Also, they will be well versed, in the Mindful Teaching approach after their initial in-house training. This approach will enable instructorsa€? to communicate fully with all types of learners, provide expectations in the beginning and guide them through the whole process of learning, enabling a better, more cohesive structure in the classroom and a higher pass-rate


Caring for OTHERS and SHARING our talents while we embark on the JOURNEY to PERSONAL GROWTH & professional development

To become an educator, a qualified cosmetologist must first attend an instructor training course. If a cosmetologist is qualified for more than one year, 300 hours of training is required. If they are qualified less than one year they will be required to receive 450 hours of educator training. Upon completion of training a written examination is administered by the college. A score of 75% is required for qualification as an instructor. Massage Therapy Educators are trained in all educational areas offered by the massage therapy program

Instructorsa€? Training curriculum

The following units of study are established in our aesthetics program. Listed below are the topics and the subjectsa€? descriptions that incorporate all areas required by the National Board for Technical Education for licensure

Topics/subjects Hours
Theory of Cosmetology Instruction
a. Professional image
b. Effective communication
c. Theory of instruction
Cosmetology record keeping
a. Attendance
b. Grades
c. Student service and theory hours
d. Basic record keeping
e. Effective use of an advisory committee
Salon management
a. Identify entry-level practitioners in hair, skin and nails
b. Teaching effective communication skills
c. Inventory
d. Net working
e. Portfolio design
Principles of teaching
a. Educator to learner relationship
b. Effective and reflective listening skills
c. Emotional influences and needs of todaya€?s learner
d. Destructive versus constructive tactics
e. Learner motivation
f. Cultivating positive relationships
Lesson plans
a. Development of curriculum
b. Effective use of an advisory committee
c. Instructional outcomes
d. The values of the components of a lesson plan
e. Using visual aids
f. Guidelines for using print materials
g. Audio visuals in a lesson plan
Classroom management
a. Managing learner behaviour
b. Managing difficult learners
c. Classroom arrangements
d. Role of the clinic environment
e. Basic principles of academic advising and counselling
a. Challenges for all learner styles
b. Timed lecturing
c. Preparing for a lecture method of teaching
a. Purpose of testing
b. Academic policy
c. Developing rubrics
d. Special learner needs
e. Developing a multiple-category grading system
Practicum I
a. Permanent waving and relaxers
b. Hair colour and bleaching
c. Skin, scalp, and hair treatments
d. Haircutting
e. Dispensary
f. Styling
g. Manicure/Pedicure/Advanced nail techniques
h. Reception
i. Safety precautions/decontamination
Total Hours 360


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