The Dove International COSMETOLOGY Academy Difference

Ita€?s all about choices......and you have them at the Dove International Cosmetology Academy.

Do you have high expectation for your education? We do. We require you to maintain an average of 75% in academics and attendance. Exceptional attendance when combined with desire and passion to learn equals a successful education. Isna€?t that what you are paying for?

Want to know a secret? We have a special formula for success...fewer students per teacher equals high retention and learning! With a staff of professionals dedicated to our studentsa€? success, we have the support that you need to ensure your education is exactly what you want.

Success...Is it in you? At our college we strive to help you reach your goals. Not only do we teach you the technical skills you need to be a professional, we also provide you with the needed communication skills essential to success.

More than just technical training. At our college, we realize it takes more than just technical training to be successful with a beauty career. Thata€?s why we have incorporated practical training on salon consultations, client information systems, inventory control and other real salon environment experiences. Our students also get the opportunity to learn how to manage incoming client phone calls and salon scheduling applications.

Seeing is believing! Dona€?t just take our word for it, come visit our college and see our classes in session. Take a tour and visit with our professional staff. While you are visiting we will even provide you with salon and spa services. Call to schedule a day for you!

Celebrate! We know that attending college Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 3:30pm for the length of your programme is hard work. We believe your accomplishment deserves to be celebrated. We hold 2 graduation ceremonies each year. Your family and friends will watch you walk across that stage to accept your certificate and help you celebrate your new career. Take pride in your accomplishments, you earned it.

Classes start 3rd week in each of the following months: January, April, July & October

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